WP3: Use cases

WP3 is devoted to applications of and use cases for the PUFs investigated in WP1 and WP2. In particular, WP3 considers different ways for increasing the trust in computer systems through the use of PUFs found therein:
  • WP3 will develop hardware-entangled cryptographic primitives that draw their security directly on physical assumptions of the underlying PUF; an integral part of this task is to develop error correction schemes specifically tailored towards the error characteristics of the PUFs identified in WP1;
  • WP3 will investigate to which extent the PUFs developed in WP1 can be used to implement low-cost alternatives to Trusted Platform Modules for key storage and attestation;
  • Finally, WP3 will consider the use of PUFs in software security mechanisms that either guarantee the integrity of software or allow to securely bind software to a particular hardware platform; both problems naturally occur in solutions for anti-counterfeiting.
The security of the developed techniques will be analyzed and a proof-of-concept implementation will be built.

Last modified: 2012.09.24